Kristin Whiteside
Kristin Whiteside

Back Squat - 175#

Push Jerk 155#

Clean & Jerk 155#

Real life Disney Princess :)


CrossFit Level 1 Certification

Head Coach

Kristin Whiteside

At age 4 I was introduced to the world of Ballet and Tap. I was a Ballerina for 16 years. In high school, I was introduced to volleyball and I played my entire high school career. I did played in college for a short time before deciding to put more efforts into my studies. In 2017 I graduated with my Bachelors degree in Behavior Analysis and a minor in Speech Therapy from the University of Texas. After college I longed for a team environment. I was tired of working out by myself, and ended up spending more time on my phone googling workouts than I did actually working out. I missed the community and a deep sense of belonging I had when playing volleyball. After I met my husband, Carter, we both agreed that we wanted to start a business that brought people together and healed chronic disease in Texarkana. We did just that! We started in our home garage with 4 friends, which a year later turned into 75! We then moved into our first location in the Nash Industrial park and are now in our second location! I am going to be your biggest hype girl and probably the loudest person in the room, but with that you will always know what you are doing when I coach :).

When I started getting into functional fitness I would not touch weights more than 10 pounds; I didn't trust myself. I didn't think, for some weird reason, that girls needed to lift heavy, and I am so glad I learned that I was very wrong to think that! My turning point in the gym was getting over my own self-doubt. I didn't realize how much negative self-talk I constantly fed myself. What's even crazier, the words that I would tell myself, I would be embarrassed to tell anyone else because of how hurtful it was. I learned to build my confidence by showing up everyday, and being 1% better than I was the day before. I started practicing positive self-talk, and really leaned into my coaches directions and encouragement they gave me along the way. On the days where they said, "Kristin go heavier", I did. I started building confidence in myself and had the people around me to keep me going. Now I am doing things in the gym I never thought I would be able to do. Faith, Trust, and Pixie dust (chalk) helped me move through that challenge in my life and that is the perspective I coach from.

My purpose for coaching is to help everyone who walks through the doors of Fit 5:22 to gain confidence in who they are. I will be there to empower and support you, unlock your full potential, and achieve whatever your goals are inside and outside of Fit 5:22. My motivation is to be a walking example for every single person that I have the pleasure of coaching. Through my own fitness/health journey I have learned how to become the best version of myself and I want to help you attain the same! I will always be in your corner, and your #1 hype girl.